Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Republican Position on Gay Marriage

Firstly, it is a valid and reasonable position for an individual to consider homosexuality immoral behavior. As a Christian I believe it to be a choice of action, rather than a people group. This does not make me a homo-phobe or bigot. I do not hate gay people and I certainly do not fear them. I simply believe their actions to be detrimental to themselves and society as a whole. Homosexuality is one of the clearest things defined in the bible as immoral.

A society has every right to encourage certain types of relationships and discourage others. America was founded on the traditional family and should continue to honor and cherish the benefits of having both a father and mother. Men and women have different strengths and weaknesses. Children benefit when they are raised by a family that has both those strengths and weaknesses. To support the ideal family or natural family, there should be no gay marriage and no civil union recognition. There is no right to marry whatever you wish, the marriage laws are exclusively written for the the union of one man to one woman.

The marriage laws intention is to strengthen the organization that makes America great, the traditional family. Extending it to homosexual couples has no societal benefit, so it should not be done. This includes creating a "civil union" law that gives marriage benefits under a different name. Instead the Republican party should work on laws to further support the traditional family.

I propose;
  1. Eliminate welfare benefits that aid single mothers over married families
  2. Provide a "homemaker tax credit" for married couples with one income and one spouse at home with the children or child
  3. Support a constitutional amendment defining marriage as one man to one woman so that it is protected nationwide for the future of America
We must not be afraid to take moral stands on issues even if they are not politically correct. As a party we must revolt against political correctness and speak truthfully about our views for a better America.

This post is one element of the Grassroots Conservative Republican Platform 2008. To contribute to this effort, please comment on this post and help shape this platform. Send the link to your friends and lets take our party back to the conservative principals that lead President Reagan and that were the key to President Bush's victory in the election of 2000.

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Anonymous said...

I agree, that everything the republicans decide, should be solely in line with the word of God in order for this world to be better.These are the morals that caused us to be blessed in the first place. We need to stop going against the word of God, no matter what this world wants to do. I strengthen all those who stand for the word of God in the name of Jesus! Stay Strong.

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